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  • 30 January 2024
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My use case is that I wish to place an information icon on my page next to some features so that when the user hovers over it they can read more about the feature. I used to use tooltips in Intercom however in Gainsight Tooltips are different in nature. Do I use a badge or is there something else? I want to information icon to always be on the page and the text should only be displayed when the user hovers over the icon.


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4 replies

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Hello @anushat 

Badge does have a hover trigger option for you to trigger the text display.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

One by using badge alone as a guide step, and display text directly when a user hovers on badge and the 2nd way would be triggering a tooltip when user hovers on the badge.



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Here is a quick video on how this would work.

Hi @Surendra Many thanks for your reply. I can see only one badge is allowed per engagement; how do I work around multiple badges within a page?

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@anushat Having one badge per engagement would work best for this use case.

To have multiple badges, you would need to create multiple badge engagements and can run all of them at same time which would allow users to see all of them on the page where ever they are mapped.

Hope this helps.