Important: Bionic/Horizon Rules Update

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Recently released, Horizon Rules Engine provides an intuitive experience for defining, managing, and executing Rules. This further enables data-driven decision making throughout your entire organization.

Now that it’s available, we’d like to provide you with an update regarding next steps. 


  1. Gainsight Admins will no longer be able to create Bionic Rules after the October release.  
  • EU & US2 Release Date: October 21, 2023
  • US1 Release Date: October 28th, 2023

Please note that until full deprecation of Bionic rules in 2024:

  • Existing Bionic rules will continue to function and 
  • Bionic Rules will still be able to be edited
  1. For existing Bionic Rules, there are two options for converting these rules to Horizon: 
  • Self-Migration - With our April release, we also enabled a Rules Migration feature. This feature allows admins the ability to:
    • Test Horizon Rules
    • Self-migrate existing Bionic Rules to Horizon Rules
    • View overall migration details in the Migration Logs

We highly recommend you begin using Horizon Rules for all new rule builds, and use the Rules Migration feature to self-migrate Bionic to Horizon Rules prior to February 2024. For instructions on how to do so, please read Migrate Bionic Rules to Horizon Rules.

  • Auto-Migration - Gainsight will begin auto-migration of remaining Bionic to Horizon rules in phases beginning in February 2024. More details to come leading up to the February 2024 date.  Please note Bionic Rules will no longer exist after the auto-migration

Gainsight is committed to continuously improving our product to meet your evolving needs and, as such, we will continue to implement enhancements based on the feedback received and communicate these enhancements via our Release Notes. 

In the meantime, if you’d like more information regarding Horizon Rules, please check out the following resources:


If you have any configuration related questions, we encourage you to attend one of our weekly Admin Office Hours sessions or contact for any issues. 

Thank you!


Step in the right direction, but this still feels too soon for such a buggy feature.

Will the inability to create new Bionic Rules also prohibit the ability to clone them? Admins who follow best practice will typically clone a rule before making live changes to them so changes can be validated. If we are not able to clone them, then this will force having to stop and rebuild rule as HR anytime we need to make a production change, putting Admins in a tough spot.

@darkknight We made the decision to clone our ‘core and necessary’ rules into a duplicate version that would be saved for exactly what you mentioned above. We keep them INACTIVATED and foldered to help keep mess down, but I won’t leave that hugely problematic issue in the hands of chance. I am going to assume that cloning will not happen and I should back up what I need right now.

This includes creating quite a few ‘backup’ rules that sit in another folder. They have no data sets or actions, but allow me to use the ‘deprecated’ rule features I need to manage the situation.


@christopher_sanderson I get it. Sad we’re being put in that position.

@sshroff Thanks for the update. I believe we should be provided with a concrete plan to fix all of what has been reported as issues with HRE (besides stability), as a follow-up to this post or cross-referenced post. At present I don’t see that much has happened in the way of making this work.

I would also question what’s going to happen with query builder in JO (since query builder is essentially bionic rules) ?

Would the ability to re-order the branches and tasks be available before the cutover date?

I enjoy working in Horizon Rules, but miss the functionality of being able to set the order of the tables and associated tasks. 

Hi @sagan_sherlin , the alternate feature for re-ordering the branch and tasks is under- development and we will soon announce the date by when it will be ready to use.

Hi @alizee, thanks for raising the concern here but we are ensuring that whatever bugs we get for horizon rule is given the top most priority and is fixed immediately.

For the known parity gaps mentioned in the FAQ doc, most of the items are under development and we will soon announce the date by when it will be ready to use.

I would also question what’s going to happen with query builder in JO (since query builder is essentially bionic rules) ?

Hi @alizee Bionic Rules and query builder in JO are independent of each other and deprecation of Bionic Rules will have no impact on the JO’s query builder feature.
CC @vmallya  @PavanCh 

Please see latest update regarding timeline changes here: 


Hi @sshroff,

thanks for creating this article and I’m definitly a fan of Horizon Rules but for me there are still some feature gaps that would prevent us from migrating existing rules to Horizon.

Please checkout that article:

For us it is important to define the execution order for actions and this is not possible with Horizon rules so far. In a lot of cases it is mantatory that e.g. a reset action needs to run before adding new data point.

How to be sure that such feature will be or is already on the roadmap?




Hi @christian_auner, I recommend joining our Horizon Rules group as we will continually provide updates on any open items (such as this one) in there. Here is the link to join.