CM, KM and CS

  • 25 May 2022
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Mid-week musing!!

As someone who has gone through Support, Knowledge Management, Customer Success AND Community Management roles, I have always felt one of the skills that set me up for success was knowing WHO would know the answer.

I never professed to be the ‘professor’, it is unrealistic to think I would have every answer. I would pride myself on knowing the products I work with well. If I did not know the answer, I would most certainly WANT to know for future reference. BUT to help the customer and be successful, knowing WHO knew the answer was always a quicker avenue to success.

Why I set this up, is because today I read a post on Linkedin and it got me thinking.

As I navigate the realm between Customer Success, Community and Knowledge Management, there are similarities and I am trying to find the wording or way to express that overlap.

Finally I think I have found the ‘hook’.

What do CS, KM and CM all have in common????????




Connecting people and resources to achieve success.


That can be internal, external, KB, LMS, Community, Round Tables, QBRs, Exec Forums..... the list goes on. 


You could say it is a skill to be successful in any of the above roles. 


Interested to know your thoughts on the similarities or even differentiators.


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Couldn’t agree more! When I talk about Community internally, I say “Community is about connection,” to focus everyone and show how it works with other functions like KM, CS, Marketing, Product, etc. 

Additionally, our community team mission and community vision are focused on “connecting [our users] to the people and resources they need to be successful.” Connect is the unifying action and connections are the north start result. 

Adding to your POV, connection helps bring together things that could feel like competing priorities: connecting people together and providing content/resources.