Any way to improve Pre-Moderation process?

  • 28 May 2024
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Given the wild sprees of unwanted posts we tend to see on weekends, we’ve gone to turning on the pre-moderation setting Friday afternoon and back off on Monday morning. While this absolutely does help us prevent junk, it’s also really confusing our legitimate posters.

How so? Whatever comes up when a post has been sent to pending clearly isn’t very informative and must make users think their post hasn’t gone through so they click submit again. We came in this morning after a long holiday weekend to 2 of nearly every single post!

I doubt improving the pending post workflow is currently on the roadmap (if it is, please let me know) so I’m debating a few options:

  • Should we put up a banner on the weekends? I doubt this will help if people aren’t even reading what currently appears. Are there any other communication methods we could be using or any way to make the pending information more prominent?
  • Should we leverage the ‘super user’ role to see about sending anyone without a free email address past pre-moderation and right to posting? That means we can’t use the super user role for anything else and it’s still a bad experience for our users on Gmail or other free email services.

Any other ideas?

1 reply

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@jillian.bejtlich I actually mentioned this in my post about the moderation here being somewhat overzealous. The post is left open and editable with a message saying it has gone to moderation. However, since this appears to potentially be an error (the post remains open), you are inclined to hit send again so that you do not lose the content you added to the post. I think that if Gainsight were to close the post with the message shown, it would leave users feeling that the content was saved and there is no need to resubmit.