Can you batch Product Update email notifications

  • 2 April 2024
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Is it possible to control how Product Update notification emails send to customers? Our Product Marketing team posts updates usually on Fridays and customers get emails for each feature update in quick succession. It would be nice if the emails could be batched together to send at a certain time during the week, for example. I think this isn’t possible to do right now but wanted to ask


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3 replies

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Hey @logicalhare - indeed, I’m afraid that isn’t possible.  The notification emails will be sent when the articles are published. I think the best thing you can do is to simply try to publish the Product Updates at the moment when you want the emails to go out.  Maybe you could consider a simple workflow where your Product Marketing team puts together the drafts and then you publish them at the right moment?  

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Kenneth’s solution is probably the simplest, but I might have found a workable option involving drafts. 

The Publish Product Update API Operation reads to me like it’s publishing a saved draft of a Product Update. (Although it does not explicitly say that’s what it does)

I checked, and drafts do have an Id # that could be used. 

So you could…

  1. Have Marketing draft the updates in Control whenever works for them, saving as draft
  2. Use an automation tool to run the publish operation at a set time for each draft

But if you’re going to do that, it’s probably faster and simpler for a human to go in and hit publish at the given time. 

This gets a lot easier when this long overdue (imo) idea is implemented and product updates are at feature parity with articles. 


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Thanks for the suggestions!