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  • 15 November 2023
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I really like this idea - community health index - wish something like this was built into the system.

I looked over this document from Lithium and was hoping there is something similar with InSided.

Community Health Index for Online Communities is there something I can show my management team?

2 replies

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We used Khoros before and still remember something about CHI. Platform calculated it using several metrics; how often members are posting, how quick they response, how much traffic there is etc. I cant remember exactly but I think that there was also some metric what was calculated using some (unknown) algorithm.

CHI itself is calculated with some unknown algorithm also.

I used to check what was our CHI but I remember that I didnt like it as a KPI. Maybe because there was several factors behind it. I like straight forward KPI’s 😃

But basically, you can build your own CHI if you like!

Edit: I just noticed that you have added dokument to the attachments 🙂

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Hey folks, bit late to this party - have been busy with the merging of our communities.  :D Did want to chime-in because we also believe that ‘community health’ is a very important concept.  I was a Lithium/Khoros customer myself for a long time, many years ago, in the early glory days of B2C communities, so I’m also familiar with their CHI approach.  They came up with some great ideas around health, but the downside of CHI was that you ended up with a very abstract number - as @revote says above, it was a complex algorithm in a black box.  That made it very hard to use and talk about.  

Our preference is to use a small set of very simple health metrics and build a scorecard from that.  Here is an article with a few of our favorite examples.  We actually use some of the same metrics that Khoros recommend as part of their CHI framework, but we look at some things a little differently.