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  • 8 December 2023
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Google recently announced on November 27th that there is new Discussion Forum structured data markup that can be added to pages to help Google Search better identify online discussions across the web and make use of this markup in features such as Discussions and Forums and Perspectives (Source & Documentation)


Just trying to figure out of Insided supports or will support this as seam like it the new way google wants things to go. 


Reason is we have an Agency do SEO review last month and this was one if the issue that was pointed out with our community. 


Wondering how others are addressing this or Insided ?


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3 replies


Thanks for bringing this up @summers!

We’re also very interested in how Gainsight/InSided is addressing this. If needed, we'll see if we can do something about this ourselves.


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Hey folks, quick follow-up that we are aware and looking into this on our side.  Nothing concrete to share right now but it is definitely on our radar.  

Is there any more information available on this? I'm quite curious about this one, as it seems one seems a shoo-in for the Gainsight. I think we're currently we're relying on the QAPage implementation for all pages, which works pretty well for the more support oriented threads, but for more open-ended discussion DiscussionForumPosting appears to be preferable.