Content View Count FYI: Content Dashboard vs Topic View

  • 30 January 2024
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I noticed that view counts on my Content Dashboard were different than view counts I saw in the “Moderate Topic” view for those topics. 

I know that the Moderate Topic view is showing you all time counts, but these topics were created within the time range I was looking at on the Content dashboard. So why was I seeing different numbers? 

I reached out to support and here’s what I learned: 

  1. The dashboard is restricted to specific time ranges, whereas the figure associated with the topic control reflects an all-time count. Hence, there may be variations.
  2. The dashboard number employs a more sophisticated filtering mechanism for views, aiming to capture unique views. On the other hand, the topic views don't utilize this mechanism and count views within the session view (e.g., if a user refreshes the page).



#2 is the answer to my issue. The Content Dashboard has a more sophisticated approach showing unique views (by user? maybe, not sure, but at least different user sessions). That’s a better metric IMO. And it’s great that it’s filterable over time so that you can see the unique views within the filtered timeframe. 

And when looking at view count in the Moderate Topic view, know that it’s a much less sophisticated approach. The count may go up if the same user visits the content repeatedly within the same session (or maybe even refreshes the page). 

There’s still some unknown factors in there, but it’s much clearer and a logical explanation for how the two are different. 

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Hey @DannyPancratz - thanks for sharing!  It’s good to know, and while I think it would be better if we used the same counter everywhere, it’s workable as we’re not generally using the moderation view to generate our analytics.