Dates in Analytics: Do they use UTC?

  • 24 January 2023
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When you select a date range in analytic dashboards, you don’t specify a time. 

Do these dates use UTC for the date start (0:00) and end (23:59) times? 


Best answer by olimarrio 25 January 2023, 10:13

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2 replies

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Hey @DannyPancratz 👋,

Yes these dates use UTC.

There’s a note tucked away at the bottom of each dashboard:

I will suggest to our Product team that we need to make this more visible.

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@olimarrio thanks for this. Can’t believe I missed that note that I’ve seen hundreds of times on other dashboards. 

I think it’s because the User dashboard inspired this question and the table of users is quite long and I didn’t scroll to the bottom.