Draft Events - where to access them?


Hey! Love that we can save events as drafts, but having a hard time trying to find those drafts after saving. I saved the draft, went back into events page and not see it. And there are not filters to add to only show “draft” events. 


How do i access “draft events?”

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If you go to Control, you should see your draft Ideas under Platform>Events.



@lwackertn I thought so too - but the draft is not showing there. 

Attaching a video: 



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I am so sorry, that is where I find my drafts. I just did a test to confirm it. Maybe someone from Gainsight can troubleshoot for you.

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 Hi @Hannah Bailey,

I've reviewed your Control and noticed that you didn't specify a start date for the 'Test' event. As a result, it's appearing on the last page of your Events list (page 10).

Please check there and let me know if you encounter any further issues 😊