Editing an event after it has been published.

  • 29 January 2024
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Trying to edit an event - but unable to find it on the backend to edit. 

Where do I go to edited it?


When I go to “event” it is showing all the events that are not currently displayed to our end users. But needing to edit and event that is being displayed. 


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5 replies

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The Events backend is in desperate need of an update (something they’ve said is coming soon, I believe) to add pagination past the 25 “latest” events by date. That might be why you’re not seeing the event you’re trying to get to, there’s no way to page over to the next page of events 26-50, etc. 

Here’s a trick for Events and any post you want to edit. Open the page/event on the front end of your community. Click the Control button you should have in the bottom right corner as an admin. It should open the post/event in the Control editor view. 


I tried to go to the event and click “control” but it does not take me to the specific event. 

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Oh, odd! I am 99.999999% that used to work, but it’s no longer working for me either. 

Likely a bug or something broken as they update event editing. 

The other work around you can try is {your control url}{event # from the end of the URL on the public profile page}

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Hi @Hannah Bailey 👋,

I just enabled the open beta for Events pagination:


You’ll now be able to see and edit all of your events in control via Platform → Events.

Let me know if you need any help 😁

@olimarrio Thank you! This is what we needed 😁