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Hello again 😅

I’m currently working on getting my product marketing team to post product release notes and other announcements. What type of access are you giving them in community? 

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I think custom user roles are most helpful for this kind of thing. Helps segment your users and you can decide exactly which parts you want them to have access to.

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+1 to what @daniel.truman suggested. 

On top of custom roles, we provide admin access to a few members of our wider team. We look at a couple of variables, like what type of tasks they need to accomplish, how often they would need access, how many licenses we have, etc.

When working on our community content calendar, we have employees submit requests through Airtable. With Zapier and Slack, the community team is then alerted to new content requests. The community team can then make use of the Gainsight CS admin license, and schedule, change authors, etc.

For casual posts, like replying to a customer’s question or a product enhancement request, employees are encouraged to do that from the front-end. They don’t need to check in with us but we do have a custom role for employees, along with the tag and icon.

@security_lion thank you! this is kind of what I was wondering if anyone else has done. I’d like to give admin access to a few members on the team. I think I am going to need to evaluate this on another level. Thanks again. 🤗

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Glad it helped,  @baraica 🙂

Two other points that came to mind,

Including a quarterly check on your team (admins). You can see when users last logged in or where active, so if you find that a product manager or PMM hasn’t been active in 4 months, it might be a good signal that they don’t really need to be admins (or maybe they left the company and you weren’t alerted 😮).

We also have an internal enablement guide that is required for any moderator, community manager, or admin. I’ve had 2-3 employees go through it to realize they didn’t know what they were asking for and end up backing out of needing the license.

Good luck setting up your system! 

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@baraica you could also create a workflow where your Product Marketing team send you the content they would like to post and then your community team can create the Article or Product Update whilst posting on behalf of a community member from Product. Simply change the Author when creating these topics: