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  • 8 February 2022
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How to export posts, articles, questions with the content - not just the topics

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Hi, I believe theres a way to pull this via the API or a specific API feed for content that can be setup.

Another option is the RSS feed, which contains the content of each topic. You just add /feed/topics to your community’s URL to access it. 


I’m not sure how you might export the RSS feed, but that’s probably a starting point.


Otherwise, I know my colleagues on the IT team setup the API feed of content into our database and we’ve built charts and analytics based on the content within. 

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Next to the API, there is also the option to send content to other tools (e.g. Google sheets) via Zapier or similar tools.


Just to clarify why these are not part of the exports itself: This has the risk of making the export unusable due to formatting, overall size and (I assume) content per cell - some content is very long and it would not be possible to reflect this much content for potentially thousands of posts within the same document.