getting error while hitting API 'remotelogout' via CURL PHP call

  • 23 January 2018
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I wanted to use API remotelogout to logout user from Insided. I am using curl call to achieve so.

I am getting error :

: Uncaught exception 'inSidedApiException' with message 'This action is only available for fields:email,userid,oracle_sso_id,token_sso_id,openidconnect_sso_id,facebook_sso_id,janrain_sso_id,saml_sso_id,linkedin_sso_id,username

My url is :

Please help me with this.


Nital Joshi

Best answer by Rens 23 January 2018, 13:59

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10 replies

Hi Nital, have you tried sending your request through the DELETE method (instead of GET), and did you URL-encode the email value (so, / instead of /

Also, it's advised to test on staging first, and your API key/secret combination has to match the environment of course.
Hi Rens,

Could you please share me working example code.
Hi Rens,

With method delete is working.. 🙂 thanks.. @Julian could you please ask your documentation team to add this, except it is intended to hide.. 🙂 Thanks a lot
Which documentation or instructions have you received and used, Nital? I've found the remarks I gave you myself in the documentation, on page 15 of DocumentationinSidedCommunityAPI-1.1.pdf. 🤓
My Mistake Rens, I overlooked Method param mentioned in doc.
No problem at all! That enables us to improve them to help others find the information better in the feature. Thanks for your feedback ☺️
Hi Rens,

One more question on same note, as we are using UAM now on other hand we want is :

If user logout from Insided it should logout from our support site too, to make trusted circle complete!

Can insided team configure this for us to trigger a callback/redirect on our php page once it is logout from insided.
That would require some kind of webhook, I think. As we don't have such functionality yet, you might want to propose the feature in our Ideation board to brainstorm and vouch for it together?
Hi Ren,

As per discussion with Maryam it is possible to redirect after logout from insided to tomtom. Could you please let me know your input on this.
Was this question already answered, @Maryam ? It helps if you could ask your questions in one place, Nital, so other people can benefit from these answers as well and we can centralize the information! 🤓