Has anyone had issues with getting the IdentityAccess.UserLoggedIn webhook to work?

  • 30 January 2024
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I have set up a subscription to the IdentityAccess.UserLoggedIn event and spent most of the morning trying to get it to fire. It doesn’t. My API works. It is a Google Scripts API. It simply adds data to a spreadsheet. The example payload works without an issue when called on various sites to test it. The subscription seems absolutely fine. I have tested a few things to see if registering it could be the issue. A registration fails when I expect it to (incorrect event name, for example) and works when I expect it to. But when, after subscribing, I log in and logout of InSided, I get absolutely no evidence the API has been called. Has anyone seen this? Maybe I am overlooking something that others have also overlooked? Any ideas?


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3 replies

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Hi, @rhall! Thanks for posting here.


I have asked about this internally and will let you know if there are any known issues with this webhook at the moment. In the meantime, I would recommend reaching out to our support team, so we can get this case logged and begin supporting you through those channels, too. 


Hopefully we can get it working for you!

@arminfpop I have sorted this. The problem was essentially caused by the documentation showing incorrect information. The IdentityAccess.UserLoggedIn event is shown to return this payload….

"userId": 12,
"date": "2019-10-10T16:07:21+02:00"

Unfortunately, the payload returned is actually this….

"userId": 12,
"date": "2019-10-10T16:07:21+02:00"

Not terribly different, but since I was sure I had followed this exactly as it was shown, I moved to investigate other areas. This led me to believe the issue was elsewhere.






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Ok, good to hear you got it sorted out, @rhall


We’ll make sure to update this information - if you worked with support, they will have flagged it.