How is Gainsight DH thinking of AI and ML as it relates to upcoming features?

  • 16 November 2023
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This question goes out to the Gainsight team…


What plans do you have for Gainsight DH to to leverage AI and/or Machine Learning? Are there any features in discussion for 2024?


At Pulse 2023, customer success got the AI love, but I have not heard a peep about it relating to community.


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3 replies

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Hi @security_lion 👋,

We’ve got a few things cooking on the roadmap that leverage AI.

These include:

  • Auto-generating community content to efficiently manage communities and scale content creation with AI-generated Articles and Product Updates based on admin prompts.

  • Auto-generating community email campaigns based on admin prompts to generate powerful email messages to boost community engagement and drive meaningful participation, streamlining communication and saving Community managers’ time.

  • We are also testing out a POC for auto-generating public tags based on topic description, enriching community content metadata with AI-powered tagging for better content management, categorising content more effectively and providing community members with a more comprehensive search experience with tag filters.

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Just in… sign up for the Beta @security_lion 


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Thank you @olimarrio 👍