Ideas do not show up in Ideation page

  • 13 December 2022
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I configured a Community category of type Ideation. I’ve submitted two ideas into this category.



However, the Ideas content type in the admin panel and the Ideas module landing page viewable to the public both indicate that there are 0 ideas in the community. Why might this be?




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Hi @logicalhare ?,


Thanks for asking about this. What you have discovered is our legacy ideation categories that used to live in the community module. They were essentially modified community categories that converted likes into votes.


We no longer use these and now have a separate ideation module where these ideas belong. You can read more about the benefits of this here:



You can now only add ideas via the front end. These will then display in both the ideation module and the control environment in the content overview and in the Content Types →  Ideas.  


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Oliver. The nice thing about the legacy ideation category is that I can create an idea submission page specific to a product area, at least in how it appears to the user.


What I am hoping to accomplish is to have a page for API ideas and another page for general product ideas. But reading over the Ideation module docs, it seems that all ideas need to be submitted from the same Ideation landing page. Is this true?


If I can in fact create separate Ideation landing pages, is there a way for ideas to default to a product area? For example, if there is an API ideas landing page, it would default to the API product area.


I can work with a one-size-fits-all idea module if that’s the way it needs to be, but I’d just like some confirmation on the best approach.

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Yes that’s right all ideas live in the ideation module, on one page.


Rather than separate pages for different product areas, we use filters that can be combined with both ideation status and the product areas. This way you can filter to those specific ideas, whilst remaining on one page. You can find these filters on the sidebar of the ideation page.


For instance, here’s a screenshot from inSpired displaying ideas that have been filtered for ‘Delivered’ and ‘Analytics & Reporting’.



Does this work for your use case?

Thanks Oliver. I think I can make this work. There may be some benefits to the structure I originally had in mind, such as being able to award badges for a certain number of topics created in the “API Feedback” idea submission category. I think it will be harder to differentiate on behavior for specific product areas if it’s all one module. But we can make this work and suggest specific improvements through your Ideas module :)