If content moves to a new category, will points be removed?

  • 15 February 2024
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Let’s say I move content to a new category where this setting is disabled: 

Setting: activity contributes to users statistics

Will points be removed from users whose posts, replies, answers, and likes have earned them points for those activities in the original category? 


My use case: I have an Archive category for content I don’t want to delete, but for which I have removed permissions for all users except admins. 


Best answer by Kenneth R 19 February 2024, 15:35

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3 replies

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Great question @DannyPancratz - I think I know how this works but let me double-check and get back to you to be absolutely sure.  :)

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Ok, my hunch was correct. :) Confirmed with our engineers.  So when you move content into a category that has this setting enabled, it will impact the various counters we have for topics, replies, answers and likes.  However, it won’t impact points that have already been earned.  Once you have earned points, they are no longer linked to the original activities.  One thing that could happen is a step down in rank - that is, if a rank depends on topics, replies, answers and likes and this change gets a user below a certain threshold - but only once you rebuild the ranks.

By the way, I’m also creating a new archive section for this community at the moment.  My intention is to keep this setting disabled so that user statistics aren’t impacted at all.

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Thanks, @Kenneth R. That makes sense on the counters. 

I’m glad that the points are not disrupted.