In csv export of "User" export type, the saml info is not shown anymore

  • 2 April 2024
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I generated a csv export today, with export type “User”.
I wanted to specifically check the saml info of users in the export (to avoid clicking / opening several user profiles in Control).

The saml info is not shown in the export anymore. I checked my recent User exports, the sso/saml info was shown in an export from February. But in March, the saml info was not exported….

Is there a solution?


2 replies

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@Eva I suspect that this is due to security reasons. I wasn’t aware of this having been removed, but I checked and am seeing the same thing as you. I was using this to identify our users who were able to login via SSO since our users can choose how they login. Your post has alerted me to this and I am somewhat disappointed that we were not made aware of this.

@Gainsight CC Team  I agree with the removal of this due to security reasons, but it would be nice if some indicator could be added to allow us to see which of our users have set up their accounts to use SSO. A simple boolean would do, we don’t need the token.

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Hi @Eva - thanks for flagging this.  I’m not certain what’s behind this change, but we have asked our internal teams to look into it.  We’ll follow-up here as soon as we know more.