Is there a way to filter out Employees from metrics?

  • 11 February 2021
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Hi all!


We’re looking at our Success metrics wondering if there’s a way to filter out our employees. For example, if we want to know how many peers submitted a best answer, would that include our registered employees? If so, how do we remove them? 

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance all!

8 replies

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It sounds to me like your colleagues have the primary role “registered users”, correct? Usually employees then also will have a custom role attached to identify them. Unfortunately, filtering on this in the dashboard will also cause the “Questions asked” metric to only show questions asked by employees.

In this case, you can still create a “mark as answer” export in order to get the full information on all questions that have been marked as answered. In there, you can then e.g. create a pivot table and see the distribution based on the “post_2_userRole”. This field shows who has created the second post, which is the answer:


@Julian thank you!!

Following up on this, is there a way to exclude Employees when looking at the User Analytics Dashboard?

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We do not have an “exclude” rule for filters at the moment (though it might be we are already looking into that). However, depending on how you identify employees on the community, there could be a way to do that:

So in the User Dashboard, we do have a filter for ranks. Most communities have dedicated ranks for employees to make them visible as such on the community. If that is the case on your community, then you could simply select all ranks and then remove the checkmark for those ranks exclusively for employees.

Hope this helped!

@Julian  Is there a way to do this in the other reports as rank is only an option in the Content Report


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As far as I know we do not offer the rank filter in other Dashboards. Is there a specific piece of information that you are looking for? 

We can use rank to only see customers.  This would be helpful to see in all reports.

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Ok, I am not sure about all the details, but I feel that there are better / easier ways to solve this:

First, you can also add custom roles via ranks. So, if someone receives a rank for a customer, you can also automatically give this user a custom user role: 

So you could simply create a custom user role for customers to identify and filter this group in the Dashboards.

Another thing that I want you to be aware of: In the near future we will work on a completely new feature called segments. You will be able to define a segment based on e.g. user profile information, and in a future update also use segments for analytical purposes.

So, if I were you, I either would work on the custom role solution or wait until we have segments released (in a couple of months from now). 

If you have more questions about this, please let me know. I could also jump on a quick call with you if you feel that this is necessary.