New community user cannot finish signing up

I have a new user who is attempting to create their account, but after they enter the required fields, they receive an error message.  They cannot continue their signup process.

Anything I should be doing on the administrative side to allow this user to sign up?



Best answer by leo-inspired 4 October 2022, 10:51

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Hey @mary.ortega,

Our spam registration checker is to blame for this error. We are receiving more reports of users being unable to register, and our engineering team is currently looking into this functionality.
I've temporarily disabled your community's registration spam checker, so your user should be able to register now. Could you please notify me when the user registers so that I can re-enable the checker?

We are seeing the same problem. We launched the community today and specifically disabled any and all spam checks in the background. Are there any spam checks that we can’t influence?

We’re already reached out to our onboarding & migration specialist, but no reply so far.

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Hi @HThaens, thank you for your message. I have emailed you as well, but the engineering team is working hard to get it fixed as soon as possible! We will keep you informed.

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Hey @HThaens, this issue is only happening to some random emails that do not end with the normals .com / .net and etc - if you have any reports of this, please message us at 


Hi @leo-inspired,

This was fixed for us about an hour ago by your colleague Tom, who was so kind to disable the entire system for us. 

Given that our community is a closed customer community that only allows business email addresses to be used, the bulk of which are from country-specific TLDs like .fi, .de, .it, .dk etc., this bug has hit us exactly where it hurts, on our launch day, of all the days. Even colleagues with .fi addresses got blocked. We would've hoped for a more proactive communication of what's a critical bug for any launch. But at least it’s working now.

Hi @leo-inspired! Thanks for your prompt response.  We’re all set here!


Having the same issue here.  We just launched our customer beta.  



Howdy @Jesse.Wilson ,

If you’re having trouble, inSided Support should be able to temporarily de-activate that feature to let your customers in. You will probably want to re-enable it once the issue is resolved though. :)

Hi @leo-inspired 

Do you have an update on when there will be a fix - we are launching very soon and would need it to work 😅

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Hi everyone 👋,

Just wanted to close the loop here to let you know that these issues have now been fully resolved and no action is needed by your community teams. We refactored our spam checks at the start of this year so this should be working as expected now.

If you suspect any issues with spam checks please raise a ticket with our Support team as the cause will likely be different to the issue described in this topic.