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  • 4 May 2023
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It sounds like there are several levels of password strictness. i.e. level 1 is basic 6 character minimum.

That is not strict enough for us. I think there are 4 distinct levels. Does someone know what the requirements are for each level? Can’t find any documentation on setting strictness level of password creation.


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9 replies

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Hey @dgiacomini welcome to the inSpired community ?,

Have you checked out this article regarding configuring password strength:

You can ask our support team to set the desired strength at

Thanks Oliver. Says I don’t have access to view the link. Sounds like the right article for what I’m looking for.

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Hi @dgiacomini, I’ve given you access and you are able to access the article now :) 

Hello! I’m also looking for this answer and don’t have access to view the linked article. Can someone please grant me access? 

Thank you!

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Hi @meagan.jenkins 👋,

You should have access to this article now.

@olimarrio Can i get access to the article as well?

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@ahamburg9  👋, 

Of course, please try again now!

@olimarrio Please can I have access to view this information as well.

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Hi @alan.edwards 👋,

You have access now as well 😁