Saving commonly used responses for moderators

  • 26 March 2024
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How are fellow community managers saving or creating templates for commonly used responses? Fior context, we are piloting a new program to encourage more community interaction on teams that advocate for member voice in their role. Each of these “internal moderators” spend about an hour a week helping to answer questions or provide educational resources as well as develop their own insights/learnings from the community. 

We did a mid-pilot check in today and realized it would be really helpful for internal team members to be able to easily save macros (similar to how you can in software like Intercom) for frequently asked questions. 

Are you doing this within Gainsight or utilizing other tools to save your most frequently used responses?


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No, so far each question has been unique, the auto complete feature when creating questions and the federated search really work hard on this.   

Software like Zendesk does have macros for creating common answers to support questions though.

@juan.delrio that’s great to know as the auto complete and federated search is a huge reason why we migrated! We are still brand new (less than 3 months live) and I think there is some internal anxiety carrying over based on how often we were answering the same questions when our community was on Facebook. 

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I talked a bit about this on the GS webinar I did today (recording should be up eventually). 

I use moderatorTags to automate replies so that I don’t have to keep typing the same things. Not sure if that fits your use case (you’d need backend control access). But it could be helpful for both scenarios. 

  1. Trigger
    1. If backend admin/moderator access: Add Moderator Tag
    2. If front end user: Use the Flag/Report post feature
      1. Type a specific key word that sets the condition of the reply
  2. Actions
    1. Conditional logic based on the moderator tag
      1. Which type of reply, etc
    2. Post the reply (as you or a team moderator user account)

Now, that works if the reply is standard and the exact same thing every time. It probably doesn’t help if there is content within the reply that needs to be edited.