Search for active users with at least 1 post AND registered within the last 6 months

  • 1 December 2022
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Looking to gather data around this question:


Can you search for active users with at least 1 post and registered within the last 6 months?


I am trying to find out that for every 6 months of the new members joining, are they active and posting at least 1 time within the community. Right now, I can only uncover members all time rather than from members who are only newly registered during that time frame. Does anyone know a workaround or solution to this?


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It’s not pretty, but it should work: 

  1. Build a custom User Role (in settings) for each 6 month timeframe
    1. You could automate this with a Zapier zap for going forward, if you wanted
      1. Trigger: New user registration
      2. Action: Add a custom role
      3. Maintenance: update the Zap with the new user role when you need to reset your 6 month interval
  2. Users Overview
    1. Filter by registration date
    2. Select all
    3. Bulk add that custom User Role you created
  3. Analytics > User Dashboard
    1. Filter by that customer User Role

The result should be the User Dashboard showing you only users in that 6 month timeframe (based on your custom role) and you’ll get: 

  • Total Users
  • New Registrations (should match total users)
  • Users with at least 1 post
    • the %
  • column chart of when they signed up
  • Filterable table to show top users by points, posts, etc
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Upside of this approach is that you should be able to export the data to csv for more analysis or chart building in excel/sheets. But to do so, you’ll probably need to cross reference between the user export and the post/topic export. 

The user role will be in one of the export columns and you can filter that way. 


@DannyPancratz thanks for the insight and helping, it certainly isn’t a streamed line way of approaching it but it works at least. Thank you!

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Hey @krystalwu, you should be able to get users that registered in the last 6 months on the User Overview. There’s an option on the filters named “Registration date”.

I did the filter you asked on our community and I believe that’s what you’re looking for?


You can also save this filter as segment on the top right corner 😀 


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The only problem is that I don’t know if the segment will keep updating the last 6 months, it might co-relate only to the day you saved the segment but you can test this and let us know here

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Hi @krystalwu 👋,

You should be able to achieve this from the user overview like @leo-inspired mentioned.

You can combine the filters so that you can target those that have registered after a specific date AND that have more than 0 topics or replies.


The segment feature will allow you to save these filters as a segment which auto-updates automatically, will show segments as a percentage of your user base and allows you to take action on your users through our upcoming bulk actions!

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Those are much better solutions. :)

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In defence of Danny, this is fairly new functionality :)