'Something went wrong please try again later' when trying to save draft / publish article AND category

  • 3 October 2023
  • 3 replies

Hi, In our sandbox I keep getting 'Something went wrong please try again later' when trying to publish an article or when trying to publish new parent or child categories. 


Anyone else experiencing this?


3 replies

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. 

I have not experienced this. 


@tom.shaddock to @leo-inspired has anyone else reported such behaviour to us?

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Hi @Deja!

It’s hard to say what could be causing this error, I’d have to log into your staging community to verify this.

Can you please create a ticket by sending an email to We’ll be able to help you there 😊

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@Deja I’ve run into this issue a lot in the sandbox and production. I’ve seen it with Events and Email as as well.

What helps in my case is opening the same page in a new tab and completing the action there OR refreshing your current page and attempting the action.