Syncing vote count from inSided Ideas to Productboard Features

  • 4 January 2023
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Hey there inSided community, happy new year!


Our product team is looking to synchronize vote counts of specific ideas to features in Productboard. This would help us prioritize and understand the relevance of certain features in Productboard.


Has anyone successfully done this via APIs?


The ability to create Productboard notes from community posts is helpful, but doesn’t capture the entire use case for many who are leveraging inSided + Productboard today. What we really need is a way to connect entire idea threads from inSided to a single feature card in Productboard, including the number of votes (and keep it updated on a daily basis).


@Scott Baldwin, do you know anyone who has built this functionality custom via APIs?


CC: @erin.brisson @elliott.vickrey 

2 replies

@adam.ballhaussen no one has built this. What you’re explaining though is exactly what our Productboard portal does. You can collect feedback and importance and have it automatically connected and updated. 

Given we have some fundamental perspectives that “voting” is the wrong way to build products (read: ) we’re not of the belief this would be the best direction. 

@Scott Baldwin 

Our team is using product board and having a hard time keeping it in sync with ideation within the community. 

One issue is the comments made after we push the idea to product board does not automatically get pulled over into product board. Our product team has to go in and push each comment into product board. 


Has anyone found and easier why of doing this?


Also, updating status in product board - we want it to update the status within our community post.