Use API to get all items currently in Moderation (Pending, Reported, Spam)

  • 21 February 2024
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Having an API call to list/query all items in Moderation (Pending, Reported, Spam) would really help our teams’ workflow. 

Our team has several systems that we use within our organization.  To avoid having to periodically monitor each system for our daily tasks, we often create integrations between these systems and Slack.  This provides our team with a central location (Slack) to be notified about any action that is required in each system.

We use FME (data integration platform) that leverages the Gainsight APIs for a variety of integrations with Gainsight, Slack and other systems.  I’d like to build a process where we can send a Slack notification to our team twice a day about how many items are currently in each moderation queue (Pending, Reported, Spam) using a simple API call rather than potentially having to setup a webhook and/or moderation tag.  This will save us from having to interrupt our work to log into Gainsight’s Control Home periodically to see if there’s anything in Moderation.

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