User-ID feature from GA4

  • 2 February 2024
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Does anyone uses the User-ID feature from GA4 to better track Gainsight users? Can someone guide me on how to configure it?


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9 replies

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Morning @VarshaAhir 

This is not something I personally have explored. I will ask around the CS Team if they have any customers doing the like. 


That would be great @Alistair FIeld. Thank you for looking into it. Let me know if you need any additional info. I look forward to your response.  

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Hi @VarshaAhir 👋,

You could either:

  1. Use the inSidedData object to obtain the user ID of the logged in user and then this could be used as a unique ID.
  2. As the inSidedData object does not contain the email address (only has the user ID) then you could perhaps maybe capture the email address when the user logs in and then set it as a cookie value (so that it can be loaded on every community page afterwards).

Both would require custom JavaScript to be able to achieve this. 

Number 1 would be the most logical and least error prone option but it would require more effort to set up as you’d need to map the User IDs on Gainsight CC to the user in GA4, as documented here:


Thank you for your response @olimarrio, very useful. Can you share the Insided Data Object link as the one you hyperlinked is not available.  





Thank you @TomW

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Happy this is useful @VarshaAhir and thanks for the assist @TomW ⛹

Follow up question: can GA4 be tracked using Tag Manager? Trying to find the easiest solution since creating custom Javascript is out of my skillset and available resources. Thank you. 

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@VarshaAhir I’m no GA4 expert but I believe you can. I’m wondering if this documentation helps provide what you are looking for?