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  • 25 January 2023
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Hello! New to the inSpired community and happy to meet you all virtually! While setting up my own community for my users, I have run into issues with notifications for them. I am aware they can customize their email notifications within their own profile, however, I do not see any other notification options (for example: push notifications, text messages, or private messages).

My users have expressed that they already get a lot of emails daily and do not want community notifications crowding their inboxes but they want to be notified when important posts are made. In our previous community platform, they had a mobile app option and my users primarily used mobile push notifications to know if they were mentioned or if there was trending activity. 

Are there any recommendations/solutions to this within inSided? Or plans to optimize user notifications?


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Hi @kbeverly 


This topic lists out the email notifications that the platform can send. 

There is work on a notification center:

We gave an update in the roadmap last month on the topic. Maybe you can add your vote and voice to the idea above.