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  • 28 January 2022
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Is there a way to change the pallet of colors / colours that user profile pictures default to when they join your community?


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Hey @Zach ! :)

Technically, yes. It’s possible to change them using Custom CSS in theory but I’m not sure I’d recommend doing so, as you’d need to use quite a lot of it and things might break if inSided ever changes the defaults.

However, they are only the defaults and do have variety - not everyone will have lime green when they first start out as I think it’s partially randomised to an extent. If you upload your own avatar, the default one gets replaced with it.

This could be a good candidate for an Idea though! If you have access to the Ideas section here, feel free to post this as one. :)

Hi @Blastoise186,

Thanks for your prompt and helpful response.

Yes, I wouldn’t want to break anything in Insided, but I do think it might help community managers maintain a more consistent UX if there was a tool to set a range of default user colors / colours from your brand pallet. 

However, I don’t yet have access to that section :)


No worries.

If you’re a verified inSided customer, the automation here should have automatically granted you additional permissions. Looks like it didn’t somehow though, but that’s an easy fix.

Let me call on @Julian for help with that. He can double check your status and manually set things up if needed. :)

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Thanks for menitoning me, @Blastoise186! Sorry to hear you could not access the ideas section, @Zach. I assume your account somehow slipped through our mechanism to automatically grant you access while we were working on it, apologies for not spotting it earlier.

While I agree that there might be a way to achieve this via custom CSS, there is no direct way to configure this in the platform. I do see some value in offering this to customers, however (for feedback purposes) I'd like to know what you would want to achieve with this. Do you simply want to limit default colors to match your brand colors, or would you like to offer users to choose a color they like? In general of course it might be better to encourage users to upload an avatar picture after registration (and there are more concrete ideas to get some prompts implemented), so that they don't use the default avatar...

Hi @Julian,

No worries. I just came across this idea and my colleagues and I were updating our Community with a new brand pallet. We noticed that some of our userbase’s default icon colours stuck out from the pallet in a slightly jarring way.

While I’m sure we could encourage people to set up their own profiles, this would put an extra burden on the users, adding friction to their UX.

It’s not a huge deal, but I think defaulting their user profiles from a range of brand colours could make them feel more like part of the family, as well as harmonising with the rest of the website when their profile appears on our pages.

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thanks for sharing your insights, Zach! Makes a lot of sense. It could also be a quick-win by simply adding your avatar color preferences to the “Theme mode” settings, as these settings are all about aligning all color on the page to your brand guide. Tagging @xiaoyu-shen just to make sure she will not miss it. :wink:

Oh cool, I’ll take a look. Thanks again @Julian :)

Hi @Julian any updates here? We also would like to select default avatar colors more in line with our brand defaults.

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Unfortunately, I do not have much of an update at this point. I have done some research and the only option right now would be to manually add a script to customize / replace the avatar completely via CSS. We might add a feature to customize the colors in Theme mode, but this is currently not on the roadmap for Q4 & Q1. Apologies that I don't have another solution for you today.