Weekly leaderboard reporting

  • 9 November 2023
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We are wanting to “Spot Light” some of our community members in our newsletter that we send out once a month. But we are wanting to use the weekly leaderboard. Having a hard time reporting on the weekly leaderboard. 


How do we pull a report on the admin side for weekly leaderboard? Is this even possible or do we have to make a task to look and manually report weekly of the leaderboard?

5 replies

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Absolutely crucial couple of usecase @Hannah Bailey, and currently we do not.

So it’s Download the ‘User Activity’ report for the month, Quarter, and stack em by points approach that falls on you.

With you in the queue for these features.

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I do something similar and I go to the Control - Analytics - User and I manually pick up usernames and their points.

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I do something similar and I go to the Control - Analytics - User and I manually pick up usernames and their points.

Ooo, done that, yes.

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@arminfpop you may have some engineered solutioning for the usecases?

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Hi, @Hannah Bailey! Thanks for tagging me, @anirbandutta.


I did some digging and there is no ‘native’ way of reporting on the weekly leaderboard. If you want a code-less solution, then I would recommend using @revote’s method of using the user dashboard and filtering by month/week. It will give you the usernames and point totals, which you can then use to build out a report (or whatever you need).


If you are willing to use the API, you could do it in a few different ways:

  1. You could use the Get This Week’s Leaderboard API call, which will then return you the weekly leaderboard. I would suggest running this a day (or at least a few hours) before your leaderboard resets. This could then update a spreadsheet for you.
  2. If you want to go beyond the week, you could run a script that does something like this: Fetch all users and then use the last activity date to filter for the last month. Then, use the user IDs to get their assigned points, by using the query parameter of the last month. With this data, you can create a monthly leaderboard for your monthly newsletter.


With all this being said, however, it may be worthwhile doing it manually for now, and then using the upcoming release of the Data Lake to get access to the data more easily in the future. As of my posting this, it is in closed beta, so I cannot comment on when it will be available to the general audience.


I hope this helps! 😄