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  • 17 June 2024
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Hi there, I would like to trigger some API Actions through Zapier and I got stuck at this step:


My concrete use case:

In bulk, I want to move a dozen replies from one Product Update into another Topic.
(this is not possible manually, only via API.)

According to the Documentation here, I need

  • a Reply ID (I guess that is the post ID of the reply, correct?)
  • moderator ID (that would be the userID of a moderator, right?)
  • TopicID (I assume it’s the Topic ID of the destination topic)

(In the spoiler: see a screenshot of the Documentation linked)



So let’s say the replyID is 48352 and the moderatorID is 1464 and the TopicID is 9760 .



How I approached it:


Now I enter those values in a gSheet as follows:


and create a new Zap with the following trigger:


For actions, I want the following:

But I get stuck at this step: what do I need to do in order to continue?




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7 replies

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Hi @Daniele Cmty,


If you have set up the Google sheets trigger and tested it, you should be able to select and replace the {id} section of your URL like this….



This can be a bit fiddly sometimes (sometimes the options that I am showing do not appear), but a good way to force them is to “test” your trigger before moving to the next part of the process (in this case, setting up your API url and body).

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Thank you @rhall, that helped a lot!

This is where I got stuck


I now know that I just had to replace the field {id} with the actual variable as per your screenshot.



This is what I’m doing now.


I left the “body” blank as I don’t know what to put there - then I clicked continue and I get this error.



Would you have any clue how to fix it?

Thanks so much,

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Hi @Daniele Cmty,


I didn’t check the API you were using previously, but now I have. You are using this one…

If you take a look at the payload, you will see something like this…


"topicId": "6"

So in your body you will need to recreate this. The curly brackets and “topicId”: can be hard coded. For the number, you may be able to hard code this (depending on your use case) or you may need to retrieve that using Zapier and then pass it through like you did with the replies id in the url.

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Thank you so much @rhall - would you know how I can retrieve the TopicID in the respective row that I use in the google Sheet?

and how would the “hard coding” work?


Basically, for each “id”, I’d need to retrieve the respective “topicID” in the same row.



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I even tried using a sample topicID as such, just for this example (instead of a variable)



but then I got the following error: 


The Troubleshoot Button (AI-gen’d) shows the following:


Can you spot any obvious mistake on my end?

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@Daniele Cmty it is very difficult for me to debug this without having access to your system. But the error message seems to suggest that the topic does not exist. I suspect that you have checked this. So I can only suggest speaking with Support about this. It looks like you are doing this correctly now from what you have shown. But as I said, it’s quite tricky to identify the issue from this point.

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Thank you so much @rhall, highly appreciate it!
I’ll reach out to support and link this topic so they can get more context.