Deleting a Question on a Dynamic Quiz

  • 15 June 2024
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We have created Dynamic Quizzes and are using them for our certification programs. We are constantly reviewing questions to ensure they are relevant to the users. If we come across a question that we need to delete, how does affect the quiz? 

5 replies

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If you’ve set your dynamic quiz to pull a certain number of questions from a specific Category, and you delete a question from the Question Bank, the quiz will automatically adjust.

So for example if you have 3 questions in the bank in a category and your quiz pulls 2 questions from that category, if you delete 1 question, the quiz will just stop pulling that deleted question in.


If you delete 2 questions, (leaving 1 remaining) the quiz will automatically adjust the rule so that it only pulls 1 question, since it only has 1 question it can pull.


If you delete all 3 questions, it will remove that section of the quiz.

@daniel.truman Your explanation helps so much, thank you!!

@daniel.truman One more question, what happens to the analytics to that question?Are the analytics for the deleted question available until the time they are deleted? Thank you

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Hi @razar - great questions here! Our analytics team was able to help us dive in and provide some specific details around how this works with analytics. Here’s how dynamic and static quizzes affect analytics:

  • Dynamic quizzes preserve all questions the learners answered, so even if the question is deleted, it does not affect quiz analytics.
  • Static quiz do not preserve analytics in the same way. In other words, analytics will be modified. Here’s an example: if we have a static quiz with 3 questions, and someone deletes one question, then all attempts by learners get recalculated, and in analytics, it looks like this question was never in the quiz. If a question gets added, then all attempts are recalculated as well, so all past attempts get one unanswered question.

I hope this helps!! 

@NormRasmussen, great, thank you so much!