Gainsight CE FAQ Series - Add-Ons: How Do I Create a Course Catalog for Learners?

  • 27 February 2024
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If you’re looking to separate your learners’ page of assigned courses from your course catalog, and also enable a more personalized and engaging homepage experience in your Academy, we suggest turning on Website and Catalog within CE! 


Why Enhance Your Homepage?
Your homepage serves as the gateway to your learning program, so its essential to make a good first impression! 🤝 Use this opportunity to create a visually aesthetic experience that aligns with your product and company’s brand, a welcoming message that highlights the purpose of your Academy and what they can take away from your learnings, and suggested featured courses to guide learners from the jump. 


Key Benefits of an Enhanced Course Catalog:
A single catalog streamlines the process of CE admins adding available content for all without assigning it. Also, your learners can easily discover and self-enroll into any topics relevant to them. If your learners don’t want to search your rich catalog alphabetically, they have the ability to utilize the catalog filters with CE’s categorization and a search functionality to support them; read more about why to enable a search bar and categories here


What’s the difference with and without Website & Catalog?: 

Without turning on the Website and catalog feature, a learner’s homepage is essentially a “dashboard” (this is Gainsight CE specific language).

On this “dashboard” page, learners see all the content (courses, learning paths, and events) they have been enrolled into, progressed through, and/or completed. Also, your Courses 🎓 page will include every course you, as a CE admin, have ever published without the ability to hide content. 

See an example of the navigation below of Website and Catalog turned off:  


When enabling Website and Catalog, learners will see a new homepage experience, an additional dashboard page, and admins will be able to determine what courses they want available for all learners in the (now) Catalog 🎓 via the course settings in the Gainsight CE admin side. 

On this homepage, you can upload a banner image, customize a welcome message, and choose up to 3 featured courses you want all of your learners to be greeted with. See the updated navigation in the image below: 



See this Support Article to learn step-by-step how to turn this feature on: Website and Catalog 

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