#2minhowto: What does basic Journey Orchestrator queue management reporting look like?

  • 26 June 2023
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About a year ago I joined Gainsight CS Ops, and took over managing Journey Orchestrator in Gainsight’s own instance. As this is one of the most mature, highly used Gainsight orgs, I found out that Journey Orchestrator was highly utilized, but not actively managed. Programs were created, but there wasn’t a coordinated effort to stop programs or manage the active program count. 

I needed to figure out more information about my JO instance so that I could make informed decisions on how to identify stale, active programs in order to get the active program count into a more manageable state.

My solution was to do a reporting deep-dive into Journey Orchestrator and start building reports off of the Advanced Outreach object to get program count/status/type info.The JO Admin dashboard that I created (and am in the process of redesigning) is still the primary resource I use to schedule, and track active JO programs, and what I use to identify older programs that aren’t actively sending. 

Here are the build parameters for some of the reports discussed below:

Other Queue Management Reports using different objects:




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7 replies

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That’s Awesome. Thank you Dan for sharing.

Now, who are the 2 people you’d like to nominate 😊

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Thanks Anirban! I’m still trying to figure out who to tag. 

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Ohhhhh that’s great, thank you Dan! Deffo something to steal and implement.

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@alizee it’s not stealing if offered freely! The main thing that I’ve found with JO reporting is that once you have a working example, it’s easy to pivot that working approach to any number of other metrics/relevant areas of focus. It just takes a lot of thinking, trial and error and coffee!


@dan_wiegert The links don’t work anymore :( Can you re-share please?

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How am I just now seeing this?!? Absolutely 🔥, @dan_wiegert!

Bookmarking this one as I start planning my own dashboard.

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How am I just now seeing this?!? Absolutely 🔥, @dan_wiegert!

Bookmarking this one as I start planning my own dashboard.


Such a pity that the links no longer work, but as the criteria is in the post, no harm no foul 😀