Add email address to recipient suggestions in task

  • 21 July 2022
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Is there a way to add an e-mail to the autofill when sending an email from a task. We have a group e-mail that is not associated with a person that we have to type every time. I would like to make it so we can have it come up after you type the first few letters.

1 reply

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Hi Andrew


The emails that populate in the To area all come from persons on the account that the CTA is on or internal users. So off the top of my head I think you have two options.


  1. You would have to create a person for each account that has this group email/Name. You could probably accomplish this via a rule by query accounts that don’t have a person with this email address and create them. I recommend testing with one account first so you don’t end up making a bunch of person records if this doesn’t work.
  1. You may just be able to create an internal user with this email address and Name and they would be searchable regardless of what account the CTA/Email task is on.

The latter is definitely easier if it works.

There is a way to auto-populate this as well for option 1, but I believe you would need to bring the person through in your rule query and map it in the CTA action.