Analyzer : View dataflow of object used as a lookup field from base Salesforce object

  • 4 March 2024
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Hi All,

         We have a scenario where one of our Salesforce objects [Obj 1] is being retired/replaced with a new object [Obj 2] (to be specific - D&B Connect replacing D&B Optimizer).


Now, I need the ability to scan through our entire Gainsight instance and identify all the places [Obj 1] the object to be retired, has been used. This is in order to make the switch to [Obj 2] the new object, in time for the cut over. [Obj 1] has been mostly used as a lookup from the Salesforce Account object. 


I tried the Object Analyzer. However, it appears to have a limitation that does not provide dependent lookup details for the base object.


Appreciate any inputs in this regard 

  • how I can identify all the usage of a Salesforce lookup object
  • any work arounds or alternatives to this


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