Can Success Plans & Objective CTAs support locally uploaded images?

  • 1 November 2022
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We have been attempting to paste images into CTAs to fit various use cases in our organization, but frequently users cannot paste screenshots & run into this error: I save the screenshot to my desktop and then when I cut and paste the jpeg into the field, I receive an icon of a beach scene with a lens. 

When we contacted Gainsight Support regarding this, we were informed:

Currently, we are not supporting the images uploaded locally but we can have the images from the public domain (google., wikipedia..). I have verified the behaviour in my local as well. To achieve the use case we can upload the required image files to some domain and then access the image from there to use it in success plan.
Below are the reasons due to which we are not supporting the ability to add images in success plan:
1. Success plan objective/use case is to store and present the details of plan of action which will be mostly text.
2. The ability to add images will impact the performance of success plan loading as well.

I believe it would be a beneficial feature to allow locally sourced screenshots to be pasted into a Sucess Plan or CTA. 

Does anyone know of an effective workaround for this, other than saving a screenshot as a Google doc before pasting it in a Success Plan? Out of curiosity, Is there a reason that screenshots online function more effectively?


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