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  • 5 December 2023
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Below are the few points with regards to CheatSheet that needs further improvement. However, if anyone already has this figured out then would be happy to know about it.

Renewal Discussion: Final outcome of renewal discussion is not displayed (while this is added to the opportunity) it was not added to timeline. So Renewal Discussion tab didnt consider consolidating details from renewal opportunity.


Key Projects section: this isn’t reflecting the true projects themselves but yet meeting agenda/emails. Not sure if this truly gives a good look at the key projects and status of them.


5 replies

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@shantan_reddy looping you on this

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Thanks for the feedback @rkumar.

We are currently only incorporating Timeline data for generating the cheat sheet. We are open to extend the data sources, but opportunity is not on the top of the list. A good workaround is to push these notes to Timeline.

We’ll look into the key projects issue. Please note that there will be a few instances where the AI gets the details wrong.




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Hi guys,

Are there plans to enable Cheat Sheet on R360 too?

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Adding on to my last comment - what if the C360 cheat sheet could include information from the R360s below it? 

For our instance, the majority of activity happens at the R360 level and the C360 is a shell, so a single summary at the C360 would be really valuable. I know the same would be true for other customers too. 

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One piece of feedback that would be crucial for us (and I’m sure many other global businesses) would be to allow for some kind of aggregation or roll-up of timeline entry data in parent-child company hierarchies into training the ML model for Cheat Sheet.


We have a team of Enterprise CSMs who manage the top-level company logo, and Cheat Sheet won’t be valuable unless it can somehow consider all of the context across all of the child company record information. Because of this, it’s also been difficult for this team to use Gainsight effectively, but perhaps a feature like Cheat Sheet can at least give them a better window into all of the activity happening within these large global industry logos.