Check out these resources for Gainsight's newest features (April 2022 Release)!


Hi All! Following up to @sakumar’s post from yesterday announcing our April 2022 release, I wanted to share some additional information and materials. There are a TON of new and exciting capabilities in being introduced this quarter 🎉🎉

Here are some resources that are available to help you learn more and get your teams excited about using these new capabilities: 

  • Learn more about how you can supercharge CS team productivity and capture the full picture during customer interactions with our Gong + Timeline integration:
  • Find out how Impact Analyzer helps you fine-tune you CS strategy with a data-driven approach in this new datasheet 

    Note: this is available as part of CX Center (which is a paid add-on) 
  • You can learn more about how CSQLs will enable more programmatic expansion and help you demonstrate the impact of CS on revenue growth in this datasheet.

  • Want to learn more about our Zoom integration and how it’ll help your team save time and have more insightful conversations with your customers?

💙 LOVE using these new features? Want to share your story or unique use case?

We want to hear from you! 💬 Feel free to reach out with your thoughts. 


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For the gong integration, is there an article that shows how to enable the sentiment? 

My integration only shows the tickers, but there is not much I can do with that information. 

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@Bhawya for this question

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@johnnyriv In the current version of integration with Timeline, sentiment enablement is not supported.