Cockpit: Task not closing when alternate closure status set

  • 13 February 2016
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We have created some additional CSTask settings in our environment. In addition to OPEN we have

  • Closed - Complete
  • Closed - Incomplete 
  • Closed - Not Applicable
When I set the Status on a Task to "Closed - Complete" the Task closes and a strikethrough is placed on the task name in Cockpit as expected.

When I set the Status on a Task to either "Closed - Incomplete" or "Closed - Not Applicable" the strikethrough is NOT placed on the Task name in the Cockpit as I would expect so the Task still appears to be open from the Cockpit view. 

I opened a support ticket and was told the following:

"Unfortunately only one of these 'Closed' options can be set as the one that actually closes the CTA. This is setup to prevent confusion in reporting and documentation. This can be adjusted in the Cockpit Configuration under the Administration tab."

I am assuming he misspoke and said CTA when he meant Task, but it raises a good point.

We also have three CTA closure options:

  • Closed Success
  • Closed Risk
  • Closed Not Applicable
Setting any one of these three options close the [i]CTA successfully and the CTA name gets a "strikethrough" in the Cockpit.

I would expect Task status to function the same way as CTA status.

7 replies

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Incidentally, I also ran into a related issue in that if I set the Task status to anything but Closed - Complete, it does not assign a Closed Date to the task, so I cannot then key future actions off of a task that was not completed because there is no closed date associated with it.

One of my use cases here is that we have a CTA that encompasses all onboarding tasks for a customer.  One of the tasks is to engage the Decision Maker and provide a dashboard overview, setting the stage for Bi-Annual reviews.

If the CSM is unable to get an audience with the Decision Maker, we don't want that to stop additional activities with the account as a whole.  Yet, we still want the CSM to make another attempt to engage the Decision Maker at a later time.

The CTA itself may result Closed Success, even if that one task is set to Closed - Incomplete.  Then, X number of days down the road, we will trigger a second attempt to engage the Decision Maker based off of that incomplete task.

As it currently stands, however, I cannot trigger this because there is no Closed Date associated with the Task unless it is set to Closed - Complete.

As stated in the first comment, I would expect Task and CTA closures to function the same way.  In my mind this is a bug.
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Another related issue...if I set an individual task to Closed - Incomplete, but then I check the "Mark Closed Success" box at the CTA level and answer YES to closing the remaining open tasks, it changes the Status to the task I originally set to "Closed - Incomplete" to "Closed - Complete."

The Mark Closed Status should honor all other set statuses besides "Open"

I am sure these are all three related to the fact that "Closed - Incomplete" is not considered by the system to be a Closed status.  This needs to be changed.
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I received a response from support that this functionality is as designed.

"The task statuses were designed to only allow one status to actually close the task which explains why your tasks with 'Closed - Incomplete' statuses are not showing any closed date."

I believe this design to be short-sighted.  If I close a CTA as a Risk because I was unable to complete a certain task - how will I be able to report on what task(s) were unable to be completed?

Also - having the ability to apply different closed statuses at the task level will allow me to be able to share playbooks across segments rather than have to create a separate playbook for each segment if there are only one or two steps that differ.  If there is High Touch step in the playbook, a CSM can flag it Closed - Not Applicable for a Standard Touch customer rather than Closed (which assumes the step was completed.)

Having this ability would also allow me to be more granular in my ability to trigger actions.   As I note in my use case above, if a particular step in the Playbook is unable to be completed for some reason, I can trigger an action later based off that Incomplete task rather than having to flag the entire CTA as "Closed Risk"
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Hi Jeff, 

We are introducing the capability to select additional task closed statuses. You should be able to see some improvements in this area within in the next few releases. 


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Hi Jeff, 

This enhancement was delivered in our Apr release. Review the " Enhancement: New Task Open and Closed Statuses available for task mapping" section under Cockpit of this release notes for additional details.


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Sidhu, does this allow you to only have two Closed statuses for Tasks?   Ideally we would have:

Closed-Complete (for tasks completed successfully)

Closed-Incomplete (for tasks the CSM was unable to complete due to a blocker)

Closed-Not Applicable (for tasks that did not apply to this particular customer)

This would help us be more granular in assessing areas where the CSM was unable to complete a task vs one that just did not apply to a customer.
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Hi Jeff, 

This feature will allow you to select multiple closed statues.

Among these you can pick -

  • A default closed-complete status - which will be applied while using the checkbox to close a task
  • A default closed-incomplete status - which will be applied to all the open when when a CTA is closed
From the task detail view, you will be able to select any of the tasks closed status and the task will be stroked off.