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  • 24 March 2022
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Hi community,

Need some help double checking something.

I was wondering if there’s any way of having colors or some type of visual in reports that are not based on the Scorecard?

Here’s two examples for fields from SFDC that I’m not able to show correctly in Gainsight reports


Both show up just broken in Gainsight. I know I can have auxiliary fields that for example instead of showing the color green are just named “Green” but it loses its purpose. 

I’m almost sure that this is not possible outside of scorecard-based reports but is there a super cool trick I’m not thinking off? 

Thanks in advance! 


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7 replies

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@andr_raposo Have you tried with report settings ?



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@suryanarayana thanks for the reply. 

I do use that for charts. But it does not seem to be reflect on tabular reports (I can be missing something).




Also, and a slightly different question. On the report settings I can’t also do something like (for date or number fields). If score is between 0 and 20, then color is orange, correct?

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@andr_raposo I don’t believe you can do anything with colors in tabular reports outside of the scorecard visualization ones, and I don’t believe that conditional formatting is available yet as well.

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Thanks @heather_hansen! That’s unfortunate but hopefully something that we will get soon.


@andr_raposo  - it's on the roadmap but not in the short term at the moment

Has there been any update on this? We are trying to expand our Gainsight user base to teams that do a lot of color coding in spreadsheets. The lack of ability to color code records in any way may limit the degree to which Gainsight is adopted

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Are you looking for  conditional colouring  or an ability to colour directly from the report? While this feature remains on our long-term roadmap, it is not scheduled for development in this year 


We do have colour options from settings page where admins can decide report colours for specific values on object fields  (for some field types its not available- like decimals, date, ID etc)

(In addition, we also have colour option from Data management for single value picklist fields)

Kindly let me know if you need anything else/or have some other clarifications