Conditional Field Visibility

  • 16 February 2023
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Hi Gainsight,

Is it not possible to have conditional field visibility currently?

If ‘closed lost’ is selected as an ‘upsell status’ then a ‘closed lost reason’ field “appears”?

3 replies

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Hi @dpark 

Do you mean, in C360? Or whereabouts in the app?


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In C360, it’s not possible to that. There can be dependencies meaning value in a master field would set a value in a dependent field, but there’s no display or skip logic in C360. I have kind of wanted this display logic in C360 for a while, but not hard enough to log a story. Perhaps you could?

In surveys, there’s display and skip logic, so achievable there but i doubt that’s the feature you meant.


Thank you @alizee ! Yes, I meant in C360. It would be great if this was possible to help with data accuracy.

Yes, I’ve seen you can set a value in a dependant field after a master field has a value, which is helpful for other user cases.