CTA not connected to Company?

  • 3 August 2022
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Hi all:


One of the goals we’re trying to do with my team is to reduce the number of “places” people need to go. A prime example of this is where folks can manage their “To-Dos” that arent attached to a Company per se. So for example, they need to fill out a form by MM/DD date. 

Is there an ability to create a CTA without having it connected to a company? Or is there an alternative workaround?



2 replies

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Awesome question @Erseburse ; I’ve run into exactly the same request, especially as users really adopt Gainsight, and want to consolidate their work and to-dos into a single place.

I know there’s an Idea out here in the Community to vote on, but I can’t locate it just now. I’ve been told Gainsight is looking at this concept (the Company- or Relationship-less CTA), but don’t know what the status or progress is.

One workaround is to use a dummy Company or Relationship for any of these CTAs. We explored that idea, and it worked somewhat well.

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thank you @matthew_lind ! Someone else in my org suggested that as well. 


If you ever find that idea in Community, let me know and I’ll get my vote in there.