Customer Cheat Sheet: Usage Analytics?

  • 18 January 2024
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Is there a way to pull usage of the Customer Cheet Sheet feature within our org, either via Report Builder or other means?  

We’re interested in seeing how/when/who is using the feature if possible.



4 replies

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I haven’t personally seen or heard any news on being able to view usage of this feature. However, I can see this potentially helping teams make a more informed decision if they’re unsure whether they should keep this feature moving forward since it will be an additional cost!

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Would be great if this switches to an idea so it can be voted on

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@kelly thanks for the suggestion.


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It would also be neat if we could report on the actual content of Cheat Sheet so it could be used in a more actionable manner.

Very broad example: share details to relevant teams within Gainsight on the risks/issues, key projects, strategic priorities, etc. associated with a client(s). 

I know Cheat Sheet can be shared internally via email. However, having the option to report on this data within Gainsight would be a nice option to have as well. We currently have a use case to use some of this information in an internal-facing JO program which then sends to an internal-facing JIRA board. Being able to surface and report on this pre-summarized data would be a nice option to have!