Dashboards drop down menu to change values interactively

  • 17 November 2023
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I’ve looked through the documentation and also tried my luck on training videos on YouTube with no luck

We would like to do a dashboard where the data is editable (drop down menu is fine)

Example Dashboard Field: 

Engagement Priority -- Values are None, Low, Medium High


Dashboard would display this field with the current value (we have that working)

** We would then be able to click on the field and then update the value just through the dashboard

Example: Change the Engagement Priority from Low to Medium

...and then have that change get committed to the actual data

Is this possible?  We have been looking for a while on this

Thanks so much -- happy to be redirected to another thread if there is a good example out there as well  


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4 replies

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Hi @rizzom453 , and welcome to the Community.

I think you’re hoping for in-line editing, which is not generally available on Reports and Dashboards yet. Though I’m hearing buzz it may be arriving in early 2024, so let’s all stay tuned.

@matthew_lind -- that is *exactly* what I’m looking for!


It would make the Dashboards and Reports (especially the Dashboards) far more functional rather than just static “here’s your data” and if implemented it would be “and now you can actually change it easily in one place”.


Is there any way to upvote this or somehow influence this happening??

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You can weigh in here, and join in the conversation with your additional inputs.


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@rizzom453 We were in VCAMs about it, so quite confident of it happening (including based on Pulse EU discussions). 

I’d suggest asking your CSM and to join the beta group in case they would run a closed beta and you’d like to “premiere” it: Gainsight Beta Program | Gainsight Community