Display company-level contacts at the R360

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When a user searches through contacts to add to a relationship, she/he wants to be able to search the company for people to add. Instead, when searching, all people in our Gainsight instance are displayed which makes it hard to sort through and find the existing client contact.

Steps to reproduce: Go to an active R360 → Contacts → click + Person button → Search for an Existing Person → type in partial name → click Search → notice all names from company person display (not just ones tied to the company) making it hard to find the right contact.

Is there a way to configure this or do I need to submit a product idea?

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I came across the same issue while trying to add correct ‘Client Contacts (Business)’ for application. It’s important for me as without clear indication of the final owner of the application, we won’t be sure who to reach out to and discuss relevant application features/description, etc

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This is a critical feature enhancement that gainsight should look into, current functionality is not user friendly and creates confusion.



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@Dheepak G to put this on your radar