Displaying Company Description on the C360 Page

  • 24 March 2016
  • 2 replies

I would love to see Gainsight automatically pull in basic biographic information about a customer to be displayed on the C360 page or elsewhere throughout the account. Other success softwares I have used have an "About the Company" section that pulls things like a company description, the amount raised if the company is publicly traded, number of employees, location, link to social sites, etc. all from the web automatically. At least the company description would be great so that we can get a snapshot of what the company does without having to Google them.

2 replies

I second this request - we are moving our Executive Summaries from an Excel spreadsheet to using Gainsight, and this is a piece of information where I am unsure of where to put it.  Yes, we could put it in the comments section, but we are using that for other valuable information and I don't want to clutter that section.


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For Anne's response, you could add a field to the 'CustomerInfo' object and then display your Company Description in the 'Attributes' section on the C360. Have you tried that?

I think pulling in this type of info from the web is a great idea!