Email Template Performance Report - customize columns

  • 20 December 2018
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This is a great reference dashboard!

One idea to enhance it is to be able to add/remove columns from the dashboard to really customize the metrics that are important to us. Currently, it shows delivery rate, open rate, click to open rate, bounced rate, and unsubscribe rate. It's not clear if the numbers are total or unique, I like to report on both. Delivery rate is sort of the opposite of Bounced rate so displaying both columns is somewhat redundant. I would like to include Click Rate in addition to Click to Open Rate because those metrics tell two different methods of engagement.

Would love if there was a bit of customization to this dashboard.

5 replies


We would love to have additional customization/flexibility in the reports and metrics on this dashboard, as well as the ability to export reports from it to excel.

Also the ability to download this as a CSV - unless I’m missing it I can’t seem to see this an option and would be great for being able to manipulate the data further!

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We have added this request to the product backlog for review and prioritization. Both the option to customize the columns, and the option to export the table are captured as part of this request.

We will update the thread it is prioritized for development.

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Any update on this?

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Does this still exist?  I can’t find anything in Gainsight Go and am trying to create a report on how often our email templates are used.  Thanks for any help!