[Feature Request] Easy Sponsor Tracking Change Notification Based on Pending to Tracked

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Posting on behalf of customer:

Currently there are pre provided rules that would fire a CTA based on Sponsor change Title Company, and Location, depending on choice.

However, your not quite able fire a CTA or get a user notification that lets you know if a "Pending" status Sponsor card went to "Tracked". One of the collections have status to go off of regarding Tracked, Pending, etc, but there isn't really a date that is unique to this change to go off of.

Yes we do have a notification, more like the card UI showing that, but not through CTAs.

This is where it would be nice if the backend tracked changed in Tracking status that has support data to make CTAs, maybe include a field that would say Date Tracked? Or User Notification via email saying these sponsors of these accounts are now tracked?

Sure you can move values around, tracking the number of pending and taking the difference, but a ready solution would be nice.

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Yes--we have CSMs who have attempted to track a number of sponsors but the tracking is in pending status while they are being located. Rather than manually going into their accounts to check status, the CSMs have requested they be notified when the status changes from "Pending" to "Tracked". A CTA could then be triggered so they can tell that the sponsor has been located.
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I was just asked today if the Sponsor Tracking capabilities are resolved. I think this is derived from folks moving a contact to 'pending' but never going back to see if they are being tracked or not. Having a notification would be helpful!
Agree that the ability to create a CTA based on sponsor status change from 'pending' to 'tracking' or 'matches found' would be helpful. One way to do this could be by storing the date of status change so that rules engine can create a CTA based on the date. We will consider this enhancement in our future roadmap.